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It is undeniable that One Beverly Place, San Juan is a prime location in Manila. However, before you get carried away by the glitz and glamor of the immediate environment, spare a minute and explore what this condominium skyscraper has in store. 

Getting into this development, you will be impressed by the majestic façade of the entrance gate. This is manned 24/7 so that whoever comes in and goes out is well documented for security checks and follow ups. This doesn’t mean that the security detail intrudes into your privacy, but it is for your own good and that of the entire community living here that these checks are done. The guards monitor activities within the environment and do random patrols to ensure everyone is safe. 

Proceeding further inwards, you will come across the children playground. This is a massive space intentionally set aside to give your children and those of your neighbors in One Beverly Place an area where they can play and interact. The playground is fitted with a lot of other recreational facilities where your children can make friends and develop the true spirit of good neighborhood. 

If you are a gym person or you simply want to live healthy, One Beverly Place, San Juan has you covered. Inasmuch as there are gyms around this property, it is unnecessary for you to go and spend enormous amounts in membership fees. Gym facilities are provided here equipped with world class equipment to give you variety for your daily grind. 

The swimming pool gives you an opportunity for daily swims. Since it is open late into the night, you can just walk in and relax in the water. This spices up the outdoor lifestyle and throws in some variety for weekend unwinding. There are sun beds where you can stretch and just bask beside the pool. 

The function room is specifically designed to accommodate gatherings and other small reunions. You can take coffee right inside here or chill out with your friends and play pool and board games. As a matter of fact, you can make lots of new friends by frequenting this place. 

The utilities which include water and electricity are in plenty here. The geography of this area has favored One Beverly Place, San Juan. Both to the east and to the west there are two major rivers that flow southwards making water availability here less of a headache. Megaworld is inspired by green development concepts which are visible through the design of the water catchment and power generation facilities. When it rains, water is harvested and when it shines, the solar panels get the most they can from the sun energy. This supplements the city utility systems.

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